Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My Going Grey Natuarally Journey Begins!

Hello, thank you for visiting me, I really appreciate it!  No craft today - I am starting a journey to go from my coloured hair (I have been dying it for most of my adult life) to my natural hair colour which, as you can see from the parts at the front which I have been leaving natural for over a year, is grey!  I love the look of the streak and part fringe in contrast to my dyed red but I am fed up with constantly worrying about roots now that my hair is so white, and, in truth, I can't afford to keep having it done.  I like the colour grey it is at the front too so I hope it might look kind of cool!

I thought I would chart my progress on my blog and Facebook as I have been inspired by seeing pictures of many woman on line who have charted their journey so I thought I would do the same.   I have no roots at the moment as I had my hair done shortly before my 60th birthday celebrations began and this was taken at one such celebration just a couple of days ago. The last time with no roots! Scary!

I hope you don't mind sharing this journey with me!

I also would like to apologise for my lack of posts and visits but with my celebrations, I haven't been able to manage much else!  On Wednesday I am going to stay with my daughter and family for a few days and more celebrations!  After I have recovered from that, I hope to get back to crafting and blogging.  Also I owe emails and thank you cards to several people - I will get those sorted after then too!  Before if I can manage!

Thank you for reading this, I am so grateful!  Take care.  Christine xxx


LesleyG said...

Congratulations! Same age, same dilemma! You will look as lovely I'm sure, I look forward to seeing you blossom, thanks for sharing! Xxx

dutchess said...

Hi Chris...looking good,I did the same thing last year and have never regretted it,....I love my silver fox look and have had several different hair cuts too,...looking forward to seeing your progress xxxxx

Redanne said...

Many, many years ago I read Catherine Cookson's novel - The Mallen Streak and your picture reminds me of that - it is a beautiful streak you have! I do so admire those who 'brave the grey' as it really does suit people - just wish my salt and pepper all over would change more quickly!!

Your picture is beautiful, you look so young and so happy! Keep enjoying those celebrations and I hope you have a lovely time with your daughter. Big after birthday hugs, Anne xxx

Anne said...

ooooh how nice to 'see' you Chris!
I have the same dilemma with the grey and the cost of colouring. I have a few friends who have embraced the silver and it's fabulous. I'm not quite brave enough to give in to it yet but I'm excited to see your progress!

Anne x

Anita in France said...

So cool, Chris ... way to go embracing the natural you! Hugs, Anita :)

alexandra s.m. said...

CONGRATS Christine!
You look great now and I know you will look beautiful and oh so trendy with grey hair!
It will be interesting to read about the change this occurs...

Mia said...

You are so pretty, Chris! I love your hair!!!

SARN said...

You look great already and you will continue to do so Chris.

I did the same - but a decade earlier! I LOVE my silver hair, and whilst I admit it makes me look older than when I used to dye it, the relief of not having to constantly dye it is VAST. Everyone (VERY KINDLY) said they liked my silver colour anyway . . . and those that didn't got shot (only kidding!).

I wish you much luck in getting through it, as you'll probably reach a stage when you hate it, and then after another 6 months you'll LOVE it.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Scrapmate said...

Congratulations on turning 60!I'm a couple of years younger than you but decided to stop colouring my hair when I turned 50. However pester power from my family made me give up after a few months. Then a couple of years later I decided that I wanted to do it for me (colouring my hair made me feel good for a few days and then the roots started to show and it would bother me constantly) so I decided I would not give up - if my family had a problem with it then that was for them to deal with it. I have been 'natural' now for a few years. Like you I am white at the front but I feel so much happier not having to scrutinise my roots all the time.
Be warned about other people's reactions to your decision - some people feel they have to justify why they continue to dye their hair(I'm not interested), total strangers will tell you how 'brave' you're being (!), some women will behave like you've let the sisterhood down (!!). People feel they have the right to discuss your hair and may accuse you of 'letting yourself go' (!!!) - I just say 'I stopped because it wasn't making me happy anymore'.
One thing I discovered was that I unconsciously started to change the colours of my clothes. Whereas before I would automatically be drawn to browns, peaches and autumnal colours I find that I tend to go for blues and greys now. I only realised when I was sorting through my clothes a few weeks ago. It was not a deliberate choice but seems to have evolved gradually. Anyway best of luck and stick at it, there will be moments when it seems easier to hit the bottle again but persevere and it will be worth it.
Changing the subject completely I wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments you post on my blog. I do enjoy reading them.

Dr Sonia S V said...

So cool Chriss and way to go!!
Dr Sonia

scrappymo! said...

You look far too young to be sixty! And I love the way your grey has taken sort of a streak on one side. It is very modern looking which helps make you look even younger!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Congrats on going grey, my friend! (I just turned 60 last year, too!!!!!)

Jackie said...

I think your hair loos very sophisticated, Chris. I shall be interested to follow your journey.
Hope you had a great time with your daughter & family.
(I haven't done too much crafting over the summer, either!)

Sue said...

Congrats on going grey Chris! I tried it but I don't have that lovely grey like yours. My daughter and son kept saying oh my Mam please dye your hair you remind us of our old Doctor! lol so stupidly I got it dyed again and now I wish I hadn't ..so I'm thinking of doing it all again because your right it's so costly..huggles Sue xxx

May said...

YEA...YOU go sister I done the same I was 60 last year and I decided to go natural I LOVE IT.... I was always a light blonde anyway so the transaction was not so bad and always kept my hair short as a nurse .... do you know Chris I still check my roots..HA HA!!! so used to doing it... You will love it... go lighter and the transaction wont be as bad as a darker contrast with roots... I tell myself Grey is the new blonde...... My daughter tells me one of her friends who is in her 30's paid a fortune to have her hair grey... so we are the height of fashion :):):) Happy Belated Birthday enjoy the celebrations
Much Love May x x

AlisonC said...

I wanted to send an encouraging comment when I read your post. I stopped dying my hair about 6 or 7 years ago, I can't even remember now. I'd been dying it most of my life and had loved the vibrant colours usually reddish. I started to go grey very early though I'd hennaed it before that anyway.
One day I trod hair dye all over the bathroom floor (luckily wood) and decided 'That's it!'
I've never regretted my decision and I don't think I look older than I really am. I've had plenty of positive comments from people and I'm sure you will too.
I see this is quite an old post so I hope you are getting on well with your journey. x